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Tayyarah team helps you to make the decision which suits you best, the prevailing circumstances, your finances and your needs. Our team of professionals help you enhance your travel planning by providing strategic and tactical guidance.
We aggressivley & responsibily worked with many partners like you duing covid-19 ear as well.

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Tayyarah Consulting team consists of experts from diverse fields of Travel, Finance, Procurement and Technology who give their expertise to customers ranging from small businesses to large organisations.

We are here to give you multiple planning strategies, you choose what suits you the best. In case of changes or any last minute help, our customers support will be there to help you navigate the situation and an ever-changing procurement market by integrating local strategic supplier selection and monitoring with new ways to travel.

Experience a new type of travel programme, fit for a post-COVID-19 world.

Data Intelligence

We amplify travel data analysis into influential prospects by incorporating travel BI (Business Intelligence) and database sources into a simplified reporting architecture.

Sourcing in High-Performance Categories

Sourcing at Tayyarah Consulting is an all time commitment, not a one-time event. We find the best vendors and then choose the one that suits the performance of your programme throughout the duration of the contract.

Optimisation Driven by Innovation

Every plan has the potential to grow or even change for the better. By carefully observing and studying into the figures, optimising current travel operations, and introducing new solutions, Tayyarah comes with an efficient plan for you.

Decades of experience in travel - all at one place

We share our expertise having Best Professional consultants at Tayyarah, did huge research on technology ad travel. This compiles all the useful and proven methods passed by professionals in all these decades,which covers every aspect of organisational business travel. It keeps up with the latest industry research, market surveys, research reports, white papers, and panel appearances.