Powerhouse of Travel Technology ... that's what we are

Let's say goodbye to those old and boring business travel days, welcome the easy way which feels like a fresh breath of air. That's how Tayyarah handles business travel.
Tayyarah makes planning and managing business travel as easy as sitting in a lounge by making the best of in-class technology with a single, internationally uniform interface.

Business travel, fast and accessible.

Tayyarah's system is here to transform your business travel experience.
  • We've built proprietary technology to address the most common difficulties affecting business travel today, noted by the requirements of the customers, through surveys.
  • Business travel has evolved in Tayyarah, by providing flexibility and agility with plug-and-play functionality.
  • Instead of the old way of manual log-ins, Artificial Intelligence leads you through a journey which provides a consistent experience across all platforms.


Mobility, something which changed through all these years. Edit, modify, and more on your mobile whenever and wherever you are.

Who has time to sniff through and compare countless flights, hotel rates, and transportation options: don't worry we will take care this for you.

Our technology offers you to access all of our global network's specially negotiated, aggregated, and exclusive travel rates.

Our industry-leading programme connects clients to the most up-to-date travel content while seamlessly integrating it into the travel ticketing system.

What you need in Technology



Tayyarah is simple and easy to use, making booking a hassle free process.



Tayyarah won't let you run through time or intricate procedures.


Risk & Safety

There is no such thing as too much safety. Tayyarah takes all the precautions as the importance of safety cannot be overstated. We assist you so that you are safe and sound wherever you go.


Expenses & Payments

No exaggerated expenses or useless payments. Tayyarah takes care of all the miscellaneous payments and compiles it at the end, to make your business travel easy and hassle free from our end.


Analytics & Reporting

Tayyarah with the usage of powerful reporting, helps you turn your data into action.